"Beyond right and wrong…" Inspiration for the first GRP book sprint

"Writing is easy, you just have to omit the wrong words."

This wisdom, which originated from Mark Twain, became the running gag of the weekend, when twelve GFKlers met in the Hochsauerland to design the first GRP eBook sprint and make it come true. Fortunately, we said to ourselves, we do not distinguish between right and wrong in the CSF AND, above all, no one has to do anything that he or she does not want to contribute voluntarily!
Anyway, we had an unbelievable amount of fun in the first book sprint. We were lucky to have found a wonderful idyllic place, ideal prerequisite for creative writing. We filled this with creativity, creativity, creativity, development, connection, laughter, non-violent communication, conversations, writing, werewolf games by working on that October weekend…
Book-Sprint live!

How did this actually work out?

After a comfortable arrival and getting to know each other, we started writing on Saturday after we had agreed on some basic style elements. Divided into longer and shorter active writing units, all had time to write the chapters of the personally selected topics at their own pace. What was fascinating was the palpable sense of community that permeated throughout the weekend: those who were in the writing flow wrote what the stuff held. Those who just needed a creative break took a break and perhaps looked for someone to take a breath. Depending on your current needs, reading, supplementing or exchanged ideas was taken to gain new inspiration. In between, we met again and again for meetings, exercises, walks, just to be together, to eat, to relax, to exchange.

We had a kitchen fairy that provided us with the finest treats. To all of us's delight, we had permission from the landlady to serve us in the in-house garden. In the middle of nowhere, this place became a kind of creative land for all of us.
What was important to us was that everyone contributes what he or she can and wants to contribute. It was about the joy of working together and not about competition and competitive thinking.

Our conclusion of the Book Sprint weekend is: Together writing creates connection!

So it was not surprising that when we said goodbye to each other on Sunday, we felt that we had known each other for years! What a wonderful, enriching experience!