The Nonviolent E-Book

The Nonviolent E – Book

"Empathy – the path to non-violent communication" is an e-book with 46 pages, an introduction to the CSFs.

We would like to see a contribution of 9 € to help you support our work and ensure that we can continue to bring non-violent communication into the world. 

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If you can't or don't want to pay the 9 Euros, you can still get the e-book.

You don't have the money to pay for the e-book or you don't want to pay for it? It is important to us that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, can read it. Send us a short e-mail to support<@> .</@> At the same time, we ask you to take our concerns into account: it is important to us that this e-book can have a lasting effect and will remain in place for years to come. With the fee we cover the running costs (server, website, maintenance, support, etc.). Without this funding, the e-book would not be sustainable. We ask you to take this into account when making your decision, thank you!