Conflict resolution

The "I-Message" is a form of communication for the resolution of conflicts in the family, in the relationship and with children.

The five principles of communication theory by Paul Watzlawick are explained in a very vivid and amusing example.

Resolving conflicts is not always so easy, we would often like to avoid all conflicts and at the same time they probably appear in all areas of life: in the workplace with superiors, employees or customers, in the family and in the partnership, in school, with children – wherever people meet.
In the meantime, there are different approaches to conflict resolution: mediation is only one of them, but perhaps the best known. In the meantime, it is used in many areas: family mediation in cases of screaming and separation or in other disputes, at school, but also in the economic and professional sphere. In courts, mediation also plays a major role, including in the compensation of perpetrators and victims. Neighbourhood mediation and intercultural mediation are used time and again.
But there are other ways to resolve conflicts. Especially in smaller contexts, it can be helpful to have ideas on how to resolve conflicts without needing an outsider. Paul Watzlawick's five principles can definitely be a support when problems arise. Thomas Gordon is also often mentioned when it comes to resolving conflicts.

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