Empathy The Path to Nonviolent Communication


Although Marshall Rosenberg's approach focused on communicating with himself and others, his biggest concern was to contribute to social change in the world. Like no one else I have met personally, he had the ability to encourage people through his inspiring and touching way to make the world a little more beautiful for himself and others. When I look at his work, I often think of a quote from the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "If you want to build a ship, then do not drum men together to procure wood, assign tasks and divide the work, but teach the work men longing for the vast, endless sea."

It was in this spirit that the idea for this e-book was born. With the aim of continuing Marshall Rosenberg's work, readers should support the principles and mechanisms behind the inner attitude of non-violent communication to further understand and integrate.

After many months of work, I am particularly proud to present the "finished" work today. "Done" because it was created in a first version as a collaborative work with numerous scribes, editors and illustrators. The aim is to continue to work on this and to develop a comprehensive work on the various topics and fields of application of non-violent communication.

I am especially grateful to the whole team for the enormous support and the wonderful writing weekend together! I hope we can transport the spirit this weekend and also inspire you to make the world a bit more "wonderful".

Torsten Hardieß Editor

PS.: This e-book thrives on participation. Give it on. Give us feedback on what you liked, what you want for the future, or what spelling mistakes we can improve. Maybe you would also like to take part in one of the next writing weekends. You can find out more about this via our newsletter. There you will also find more information about our legendary writing weekend.

The story behind the book

Once upon a time… somehow, every fairy tale begins and ends in a happy ending. And so it was with this book. Once upon a time there was an idea and twelve people were found for it. Twelve people who cannot be more different and yet have one thing in common: their love of non-violent communication (CSF).

This love led her somewhere to nowhere on a small farm with a landscape, as from the picture book. In this place, which was almost magical, the idea of writing a book within a weekend was realized. The whole thing is called Booksprint. This means what is finished at the end of this window – is ready. Without renewal, the book will be completed for publication. Zack, off and bem.

All the dear people have brought their ideas and impulses for non-violent communication into shape in the individual contributions. Each in his own way – as unique as it is possible. The result is a book that can make every reader curious about non-violent communication. On a new way of coexistence. On a new path of communication.

Dear Reader,

On the following pages you will find information about the image of human beings in non-violent communication, about the 4 steps of the CSFs and invitations to exercises, empathy and application in your everyday life. You can read this introduction in one piece and be inspired. However, you can also read individual chapters if the title addresses exactly what would be good for you. You can set the book aside at any time and read on later. You can put it in your everyday pocket and keep looking. This book is for you and invites you on a journey into non-violent communication.