Thank you

Thank you dear reader!

The weekend passed far too fast. It was written and written and a book was written that speaks to us – the twelve people from the house – from the heart. We all hope that you – dear reader – can draw an added value from our impulses. We wish you to have inspired your everyday communication with our ideas. We hope that we have been able to give them what non-violent communication has given us. A peaceful coexistence, the courage to stand up to oneanother and his needs and to be a person who dares to feel his feelings.

For Marshall B. Rosenberg – the founder of nonviolent communication – it was a great concern to distribute this knowledge to the world.

He himself always said that he had not invented anything new, but used existing knowledge to make the world a little more peaceful. And with this book we want to contribute to this.

Writing: Marius Fischer, Pia Gerlach, Dorotheé Hansen, Jana Ludolf, Juliane Kern, Diane Lüning, Thorsten Laakmann, Elisabeth Mittermüller, Karen Nimrich, Achim Rackel, Cornelia Ulber, Editor: Mario Wittke Illustration and Design: Stefan Thiel, Anne Rieken, Horst Guckert Initiator: Torsten Hardieß Project Manager: Karen Nimrich Many thanks to the cook: Elisabeth Mittermüller Many thanks for the financial support: Wolfgang Scheele Tobias Polzin Ute Waldenburger

v. L. N. r.: Jana Ludolf, Dorotheé Hansen, Achim Rackel, Thorsten Laakmann, Elisabeth Mittermüller, Torsten Hardieß, Marius Fischer, Cornelia Ulber, Juliane Kern, Pia Gerlach, Karen Nimrich, Diane Lüning