December Calendar - Nonviolent Communication - Standing with the Earth

This is a call.
Not a call for arms.
A call to stand.
To stand with the Earth.

Lucia Renee

Standing with the Earth is a call to collectively pause from action, to stand in silence, listen to and connect with the Earth, humbly acknowledging and deeply sensing our interbeing – a starting point for any measure taken to meet the urgent problems of our time.

31 Nonviolent Communication trainers, peace workers, activists etc. made an impulse (video or text) about the topic "We and the Earth".

We invite you to join us in December. To read the impulses and to stand together with the Earth. 

Get every day in December an impulse (video or text from 31 authors) and join "Standing with the Earth".

It's free!

Who will be there this year ....

Kelly Bryson

NVC trainer, USA

Mary Mackenzie

NVC trainer, USA

Samuel Odhiambo

NVC trainer, Kenya

Liv Larsson

NVC trainer, Sweden

Robert Gonzales

NVC trainer, USA

Sarah Peyton

NVC trainer, USA

Frank Fiess

Peace worker, Germany

Dian Killian

NVC trainer, USA

Robert Krzisnik

NVC trainer, Slovenia

Erika Maizi

Author, Kasakhstan

Meshack Wachianga

NVC trainer, Kenya

Irmtraud Kauschat

NVC trainer, Germany

Joachim Berggren

NVC trainer, Sweden

Ivona Erdeljac

NVC trainer, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Standing with the earth initiators, Germany

Christopher Gottwald, initiator, Germany

Diane Lüning

initiator, Germany

Karen Nimrich

team, Germany

​Bridget Belgrave

​NVC trainer,

​United Kingdom

 Christlin Rajendram

NVC trainer,

Sri Lanka 

Eva Ebenhöh

NVC trainer, XR,


Jürgen Engel + Iris Bawidamann, NVC trainer, Germany

See all contributors here:

Since 2015 we make the NVC Advent calendar in Germany. This year we are changing the Nonviolent Communication Advent Calendar. It will be available worldwide (and in German and English). Since Advent is not celebrated worldwide, it is called "December Calendar". We are looking forward to you!

We invite you to "Stand with the Earth".  "Standing with the Earth" is a call to pause and reflect together in times of deep crisis and helplessness. We invite you to join us in December. We all - readers, authors and initiators / makers of this website - stand with the Earth. We stand from 5.00 to 5.10 pm (CET). We have chosen the time so that it is possible that we all stand at the same time worldwide. We feel (again) that we are completely alive and connected. Read more here: (that is the side of the "Standing with the Earth" initiators)

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