About us

Who is Muutos e.V.?

Muutos is Finnish and means "change". And that is exactly what we want for this world. Muutos is committed to non-violent interaction between people, to the dissemination of non-violent communication, this website is designed, informs about hate speech on the Internet, organizes the CSF Advent Calendar, Meetups, Barcamps, Webinars, blogging together, booksprints, the GRP e-book and much more.

Muutos was born in 2015 – in the course of the CSF – Month – as an initiative, many people are active in different projects with us. Since 2017 we are a non-profit association.

Here are a few faces behind this page:

Diane Lüning

Torsten Hardieß

Karen Nimrich

Hanna Naumann

Jana Ludolf

What is the CSF portal and who is behind it?

As enthusiastic enthusiasts, we want to contribute to the dissemination of non-violent communication with this portal.
The CSF portal is a platform where you can find information, suggestions, inspirations, exchanges and events related to non-violent communication. We have many ideas and are in the process of implementing them. However, as all of us do jobs and other jobs, it all takes a bit of time. It's still worth browsing the page. Many videos, texts, audio files, information and reports are already online and invite you to discover.

If you feel like contributing,

for example, with a video that is particularly close to your heart or if you would like to write texts and blog articles or contribute with other ideas, please contact us. Maybe you have an idea of what the portal still needs. If you have any questions or suggestions, we would also be pleased to receive your contact.